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Staying Safe in Cross-Border Road Trips

When most people think of road trips, they picture long stretches of open highways, beautiful scenery, and the freedom to go wherever they please. But what many people don’t realize is that a road trip

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Ways to Prevent Injuries and Accidents on Moving Day

Moving day is coming up quickly, so it’s important that everyone who will help out with the move be aware of any safety precautions they should take to avoid injury or accident during this stressful

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Becoming a More Eco-friendly Driver: What to Know

By now, everyone should be well-informed about the consequences of efficient transportation. Most vehicles emit greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, and smoke and soot pollute the air, making it difficult and even deadly

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Car Brake Inspection Tips for Beginners

Driving isn’t something that comes easy to most people. It takes a lot of time and practice. Just like learning how to drive, it takes time to get to know the parts of your car.

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Nourishing Your Car from the Inside and Out

If you use your car frequently, then you most likely spend a good few hours of your day inside your vehicle. Your car faces the different consequences brought about by traveling, such as dirt and


3 of the Most Expensive Vintage Cars Ever

Much like real estate, certain cars actually appreciate in value the older they get. Of course, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it will be expensive –it’s doubtful that your 2004 Ford Pinto is going

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